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Company Introduction
Headquartered in Shanghai, Shanying International Holdings Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600567), is an international enterprise integrating industrial Internet platform, comprehensive green resources, industrial and specialty paper manufacturing, and customized packaging products and services. The company is committed to constructing an industrial ecological system and innovating business model to become a "customer-oriented, world-leading green packaging total solution service provider."

Shangying International has deeply developed China market and has a global outlook. Its industrial deployment covers China, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, Australia and other countries. It has 10 industrial and specialty paper mills across the world, 30 custom packaging plants, 20 international and domestic renewable resource trading companies, and 1 industrial internet platform company. In 2019, Shanying International's sales revenue reached 23.241 billion yuan and recorded a net profit of 1.362 billion yuan. The company was ranked 395 in China Fortune 500 in 2020.

Shanying International Holdings Co., Ltd. adheres to industrial upgrade and innovations. At present, the company has 2 postdoctoral workstations for scientific research, 3 state-level high-tech enterprises, and 4 projects on the comprehensive utilization of environmental protection resources, and it is also creating an intelligent factory of Industry 4.0. In 2019, the company won the following awards: Innovative Enterprises in the Paper Industry, Top 100 High-tech Enterprises of Innovative Ability in Zhejiang Province, and The Deloitte Best Managed Companies (BMC).

Shanying International pursues the harmonious coexistence of people and nature. As a state-level green company, its social responsibilities include low-carbon emissions, environmental protection, and sustainable development. With the mission of promoting " co-creation, sharing, and win-win ", Shanying moves forward to be a world-leading, high-value, and creative ecological enterprise.